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For Sale

Littlefort Honolulu

Lulu is a lovely filly with an impeccable pedigree, expected to mature around 31"/32"

Beautifully put together, straight and correct with plenty of bone. Moves well.

She has a pretty head, correct mouth/teeth and a sweet temperament. Well handled from birth.  A top quality foal who would be an asset to any stud or showing home.

                                                Now sold to a lovely home


Littlefort Ponies have gone on to new homes as Show ponies, Childrens first ponies, companions / family pet & driving ponies as well as to other breeders. We are happy to advise people who are new to shetlands on suitable purchases and to offer information - if requested - on the pros and cons of these little equines. All foals have good bloodlines and are microchipped, registered and passported with the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society.

Enquiries always welcome.
Telephone Margaret on 01246 824429 or 07813 400 585

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